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DTN Tel-Aviv

Design Tools Hackathon 2018

25 October, 2018DTN Tel-Aviv

DTN Tel-Aviv

Design Tools Hackathon 2018

Design Tools Hackathon 2018

After last year’s successful Sketch Plugin Hackathon, Design Tools Network is back to organizing another big event! Join us for 2 days of hacking on digital product design tools and meet passionate makers from all over the world who are excited about pushing the industry forward. In addition, we serve you a side program with inspiring presentations by leading design tool makers during both mornings.

WIX headquartersTel-Aviv, Israel
25 October, 2018

Articles of the previous events

03 June, 2018

{Hello World}

Introducing Phase v1

On the first week of June 2018 we hosted a very special Design Tools Meetup by teaming up with the makers of Phase! Coming early this summer, Phase is reinventing digital design allowing designers to create powerful interactions visually.

03 May, 2018

Berlin Meetup #02

Athena & Noodl

On Thursday May 3, we hosted another Design Tools Meetup at IXDS in Berlin. Two short talks about tools that were internally developed at an agency, solving a very specific need. One uses VR for prototyping for mobility, the other focused on prototyping connected hardware!

27 March, 2018

Berlin Meetup #01

Alva & Research Gate

The first Design Tools Meetup took place at IXDS in Berlin. Two short talks that were surprisingly focused on solving a similar issue: keeping your design and coded components in sync when working on large-scale products in cross-functional teams.

27 March, 2017

Sketch Plugin Hackathon

Sketch Hackathon 2017 @IXDS

The first big event of DTN with 2 days of inspiring talks and enough time around it to actually work on Sketch plugins. We managed to get key speakers from Sketch, Abstract, Framer, Facebook, SoundCloud, Atlassian and Brainly. This turned out to be a great mix of talks, check them out!

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